Accelerating the Repair of Damaged Tissues

NeoCytex is developing treatments and diagnostics for neural and vascular diseases. We are devising technologies to reduce disease progression and speed up the healing of damaged vital organs.

Brain diseases and injuries:  Our lead drug candidate is being developed for enabling recovery from neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson's disease; cerebrovascular diseases and stroke). The product works by accelerating the production of healthy new cells from endogenous precursor stem cells, enhancing the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Cardiovascular diseases:  In collaboration with a Delhi-based R&D and commercialization team and US-based engineers, we are developing a small cardiac monitoring device (ECG) for home use in emerging markets. Deadly heart attacks and other severe cardiac events are rising at alarmingly rates in India because patients--typically elderly and middle aged--delay treatment despite experiencing early warning signs. Resistance to obtaining timely therapy is a huge problem with multiple causes. The low-cost user-friendly ECG is designed to prompt cardiac patients to seek timely treatment. In regions with poor infrastructure and uncertain Internet access, complex network-connected monitors engineered for Western consumers are impractical. In contrast, our standalone ECG device will provide sufficient high quality information to enable patients to make an informed decision about seeking rapid clinical support.